Susie Q & A

What is a Cupcake Jar?

Just that - a cupcake in a jar!! You will receive one of our awesome full-sized super yummy cupcakes, frosted and decorated (and possibly filled!), inside our special 8oz plastic jar.  Our jars are completely reusable, food-safe; hand-wash only please!


Wait - are they fresh?

The freshest! We bake your cupcake jars the same day we ship them!


So do I need to refrigerate the jars and how long will they last?

Our cupcake jars do not need to be refrigerated - refrigeration doesn’t extend the shelf life - but they should be kept in a cool, dry place. Cupcakes will last for 5-7 days in the jars from the day they are baked.  All jars may be frozen for up to 6 months! Just let em come to room temperature before diving in!


Can I modify or cancel my order?

All orders are final, so make sure everything looks good at checkout and you should be smooth sailing!


Where do you ship & how long does it take??

Anywhere in the United States!  We ship USPS Priority so you should receive your cupcake jars in 1-3 days, depending on location.  USPS Priority Express shipping is also available, with 1-2 day shipping.


I have an allergy!!

Oh man that stinks!…but we can help with that! We do offer Gluten-Free Friendly and Nut-Free Friendly options! At Sweet Cupcasions, we practice safe food handling but only you know the severity of a loved one’s allergy.  Since we are a shared environment, we respectfully ask that you refrain from ordering our yummy jars if you have any hesitation or question about a potentially hazardous ingredient. Thanks for ordering responsibly!  FYI - we do not offer Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free or Egg-Free cupcakes.


Can we customize the jars for a special or corporate event?

Of course you can!! We require a minimum order of 6 cupcake jars for customization! Piece of cupcake right?


Are there other flavors available besides what’s listed on the website?

Nope! We have our signature flavors that are available year round.  We add seasonal flavors that are only available for a limited time period but not to worry! New seasonal flavors and your favs will be rotated back in again. Gives you something to look forward to right?


What is your Return Policy?

All items are final sale. If an item arrives damaged or spoiled, our Customer Support team will work with you to determine an appropriate solution. Please reach out to our team at 203-283-9455 to resolve the issue within 7 days of delivery.